Papua New Guinea is a cornucopia of ecology. It ranks within the top five most diverse countries in the world with an estimated 21,000 types of higher plants, 242 species of mammals and 762 species of birds. It also has one of the highest endemic rates of wildlife anywhere in the world.

The languages of PNG today number over 850. These languages are spoken by the inhabited tribal groups of PNG, making it the most linguistically diverse place on earth. The official languages been Tok Pisin, English and Hiri Motu.

Lae is the Capital of Morobe Province and is the second largest city in Papua New Guinea. It is located near the delta of the Markham River replica rolex and at the start of the Highlands Highway. Lae, is the largest cargo port of the country and is the industrial hub of Papua New Guinea.

Lae Travellers Inn is located in Vee Street in the heart of Lae City, Top Town, off Coronation Drive (next to Coronation College). It is an hour’s drive from Nadzab Airport. Lae Travellers Inn is set within walking distance of the Central Business District.